Food and beverage industry applications

The fast and accurate SAL3D tools enable the use of this library in the food industry allowing a complete non intrusive system of 100% in-line product inspection. Food slicing, size classification, volume computation, or quality assurance are some of its typical applications.

Volume computation food slicing

Food slicing

Image of a sausage being scanned

Example of a sausage scanning

Thanks to the Area tool the volume of a piece can be calculated and thus, perfect slicing obtained. Two operational methods are provided: volume in reference to a base line, as when slicing fish, or complete 360º volume measurement.

Video of a 360º scanning demo

Size classification

Coconut shell sorting based on their volume

Sorting irregular objects, as usually happens with fruits classification, is a difficult task for 2D technologies. Using SAL3D, on the other hand, a precise volume can easily be obtained enabling in-line classification.

Defect detection

While managing foods, roller-marks, holes, deposits, scabs, bumps, dirt, pits, etc. can be produced giving the final product a non desired look. With a 3D surface inspection this defects can be detected and therefore the irregular pieces rejected.


Example of an scanned chocolate with an scratch on the top left side


Scanned cookie with no defects on the engraved text

Packaging inspection


Bottle cork inspection for holes detection

As happens with the products, also the packagings are exposed to flaws due to industrial manipulations. This imperfections can be detected by using the tools provided by SAL3D library.

Presence / absence detection