Metal and casting industry applications

Thanks to its precision and robustness, SAL3D Tools have been successfully used in several metal and casting applications: from automotive quality control to reverse engineering

Automotive quality control

Engine being scanned by a laser

Security is one of the key points in the automotive industry and, for this reason, it requires strict quality control processes.

Using SAL3D library, engine parts were scanned and compared with their reference CAD models so that errors could be measured and rejected according to a criteria.

Reconstruction of a body car part


Casting quality control

3D reconstructions of a casting object (top right) and defects detection in red (bottom right)

Casting is one of the industries which needs more degree of precision. The more the technology improves the more precision is asked by the costumers.

Quality control must be applied to the 100% of the production and, here, SAL3D have have proven to be a perfect option for inline inspection thanks to its speed and accuracy.

Plane detection for correct measures

Motor engine valves measurement, placed in different planes

Due to the perspective distortion, some measures can not be directly applied to the camera point of view and this have typically been a problem for 2D imaging. Using SAL3D or 3DExpress technologies, a plane is detected, the 3D reconstruction is mathematically tilted to meet this plane and thus, the measures can be correctly applied without perspective.

Valves of a motor engine

Holes measurement on a multiple planes piece

Small details reconstruction

There are some applications where precision is the key point. The advanced Peak Detector algorithm, together with the appropriate hardware, ensures a high resolution on the small details detection and reconstruction, even for metallic objects

Guitar detail imprinted on a 2x1 cm metal piece

1 cent Euro coin reconstruction

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering is an industrial field with lots of applications, also for the metal industry. By means of SAL3D, several views of an scanned object can be joined to create a full closed 3D mesh.

Several Cloud of Points overlapped

Final .STL reconstruction

Characters recognition

It is quite common to have embossed characters over a metallic surface. If they are to be recognized, 3D technologies is one of the best options, specially where illumination is an issue. By means of SAL3D or 3DExpress, this turbine characters were scanned, aligned and exported to be finally recognized with an OCR technology.

Original turbine

Characters detail

Aligned characters view to be processed by an OCR