About Us


The founders' know-how in Computer Vision and Information Technology has inspired the commercial opportunity to develop 3D image acquisition and processing libraries.

Multinational since 2005, AQSENSE was founded in Girona, Spain, and currently counts with a first class development center in Girona, Marketing and Sales Office in Spain, a base technology research center in Girona and a distribution network spanning Europe, Asia, America and Oceania.

AQSENSE is a software producer where 3D Machine Vision algorithmic and efficient programming skills meet together to offer creative passion for technology integration into 3D solutions. Its professional and complimentary team of Machine Vision experts and software developers provides innovative 3D technologies to machine builders and system integrators.

AQSENSE Premises in Girona

AQSENSE history


Exhibiting at trade show Vision in Stuttgart, Germany: Prominent presentation of our 3D imaging software libraries and projects with direct AQSENSE participation


Major release in 3DExpress adding Add-on tools, like Match3D, Peak Detector, and Linear Metric calibration

AQSENSE starts supporting OEMs and System Integrators as Consultant and Software Development Partner to solve top-notch 3D imaging applications with its expertise and customized software solutions.


The new 3DExpress, a pre-processing tool allowing easy graphic acquisition and manipulation of cloud of points, is successfully presented in VISION 2012.

AQSENSE spreads to Israel, thanks to 1Vision, and Asia hand in hand with G4 Technology (Taiwan and China)

The 3D Machine Vision Library (3DMVL) is awarded with the "Most Innovative Product of 2012" award at the NI Week 2012.


SAL3D major update containing new tools such as the Angular Metric Calibration, the Area Tool, the Geometric Tool, the Integrator Tool or the Lens Calibration Tool.

The 3D Machine Vision Library (3DMVL), a SAL3D porting for NI LabVIEW developed together with ImagingLab, is presented at the NI Week 2011.

AQSENSE spreads its presence in Vision 2011 where its products are present at Automation Technology, Effilux, Photonfocus, Rauscher, Silicon Software, Stemmer Imaging and Ximea booths.

AQSENSE products are also distributed in Asia thanks to CYLOD, DASAN (South Korea).


SAL3D 10.1 launched. The new version includes tools to convert CAD file formats to SAL3D COP's, thanks to the CAD import Tool, and export to PLY 3D formats.


AQSENSE and ImagingLab present a 360ยบ scanner at Vision 2009

Stemmer Imaging selects AQSENSE as the 3D machine vision tools provider for Common Vision Blox

AQSENSE launches its commercial software package SAL3D vision library is launched as a stand-alone commercial package, grouping the most successful 3D tools for processing and analysis of COPs.


Vision 2008, AQSENSE's products were presented in Photonfocus and Stemmer booths.

AQSENSE appointed European Machine Vision distributors: Stemmer Imaging, Parameter, and Infaimon.


The Peak Detector becomes the selected choice for embedding in Photonfocus first 3D camera.

C++ API and FPGA versions of the Peak detector and the Shape processor.


Established by a group of researchers at the University of Girona