The Integrator Tool allows generating a mesh from several COPs. This functionality allows the use of SAL3D for reverse engineering applications. After aligning several COPs in the same coordinate system, they represent a surface as a composition of several patches. However, in this case, there are some duplicity due to some overlapping area. In addition, there is not any connectivity between points from different COPs. On the other site, the mesh represents the surface as a single triangulated object.

This tool allows generating a continuous and smooth surface from one or several COPs. User can select the desired resolution and the smoothness of the generated mesh.


Set of SAL3D Cloud of Points


Obtained generated Mesh after integration

It is important to not mix the Integrator Tool with the Merger Tool. While the Integrator Tool combines Clouds of Points to create a single mesh, the Merger combines RangeMaps coming from more than one camera (observing the same field of view) in order to obtain a single RangeMap with less occlusions.

More information at Integrator Tools's documentation page (Opens in new window)