The Lens Distortion Tool is a module allowing the correction of the distortion introduced by the camera lenses.


The tool is able to compute the parameters from either an image of a checker board or an image of a grid of dots.

The lens distortion tool allows to obtain a Lens Distortion model, that can be further used in SAL3D metric calibrations (both Metric and Angular). After that, the metric configuration obtained can be use to directly convert distorted RangeMaps to undistorted COPs.

The Lens Distortion Tools contains two different distortion models. A simpler one, allowing a fast correction, and an advanced one handling complex lens models such as Scheimpflug.

In both cases, user can calibrate by using dots and chessboard patterns.

Using one of the two available patterns (checked or dotted), the lens calibration provides a distortion model which used as an input of the Metric Calibration Tool (static, lineal or angular), together with the Pattern RangeMap and the Pattern points, generates a Metric Config including the lens correction. This Metric config can then be used as input for SAL3D PCM to generate a Cloud of Points without distortion from a distorted RangeMap

Lens Distortion Tool working schema

More information at Lens Distortion Tool's documentation page (Opens in new window)