The VISION trade show 2011, from 8th to 10th November, in the Messe Stuttgart will held the presentation of the latest trends and innovations in industrial inspection and image processing.


AQSENSE will be there and we will take the opportunity to exhibit our latest advances like the recently released version of SAL3D, our 3D Shape Analysis Library.

Thanks to our distributors and partners network, AQSENSE technologies will be shown at these demos:

  • AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY (Hall 4-A 75 and Hall 4-C 73): The new CX explorer, the configuration software for the C4 cameras from AutomationTechnology, includes the SAL3D's lens and metric calibration functionalities.
  • EFFILUX (Hall 6-A 10): Using a LED lighting system from EFFILUX, the EFFI-Lase series, replacing the conventional laser, a high accuracy 3D acquisition system will be presented integrating an IDS camera and the SAL3D software from AQSENSE
  • PHOTONFOCUS (Hall 4-C 71): Using SAL3D and the new 3D Photonfocus camera, a demonstration will be on display using 2D tools to measure 3D metric acquired data.
  • RAUSCHER GmbH (Hall 4-C 15): A 3D scanning application integrating the new 3D Photonfocus camera, SAL3D and MIL software libraries will be on demonstration.
  • SILICON SOFTWARE (Hall 4-D 72): SAL3D's Peak Detector will be shown as part of SmartApplets 3D in a measurement application together with a Full configuration camera (10 taps) of Baumer (HXC20 with Cmosis sensor and 2MP resolution)
  • STEMMER IMAGING (Hall 4-C 51): CVB's 3D tools will be on display on several demos with Automation Technology cameras and VRmagic area scan 3D.
  • XIMEA (Hall 4-B 13): A 3D acquisition system will be on demonstration integrating SAL3D and the Ximea's Currera R camera.

A VISION 2011 map with the exact locations of AQSENSE's demos is available at VISION map

If you have any requests or would like to schedule a specific time with us, please feel free to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Mobile +34 687 874 681


The 3D Shape Analysis Library (SAL3D) is an standard library for rangemaps and cloud-of-points acquisition and processing, fully oriented to 3D machine vision applications such as quality assurance, surface inspection, objects detection, reverse engineering or volume measuring.

Based on the market demands, AQSENSE team has not stopped improving this 3D library and now is proud to announce that a new version capturing the latest improvements will be publicly available on September 26. As with previous versions, new tools have been added to ensure SAL3D fulfilling the latest market needs and keep providing an state-of-the-art, yet easy and flexible library.

New tools for new requirements

As 3D machine vision spreads, new requirements arise and companies look for libraries to provide them with solutions. AQSENSE has kept announcing new tools that were successfully tested and applied in a joint effort with OEMs and integrators. Now, they are all compiled in this new SAL3D version.

The “Angular Calibration Tool” is one of these innovative tools, allowing an easy calibration system for rotating camera-laser systems thus providing a way to integrate vision systems on robotic arms or angular movement arrangements. Besides, this tool can be further improved with the new “Lens distortion add-on for Metric and Angular Metric Calibration” which corrects the distortion introduced by the camera's lens.

SAL3D also introduces the “Area Tool”, a new module which computes the volume of an scanned object and the “Geometric Tool” providing functions such as angles measuring or plane fitting which also allows creating planar projections of a cloud-of-points (Zmap) for planes non aligned with the acquisition system.

Finally, the “Integrator Tool” permits the creation of a single mesh from multiple cloud-of-points and therefor is very useful for reverse engineering applications.

Easier to integrate

SAL3D has been improved not only in functionality but also in usability to shorten project development times.

The provided examples have been enhanced with help documentation and are now easily compiled thanks to the WXWidgets library being provided together with SAL3D. Also, new examples demonstrating how to combine SAL3D with other libraries (MIL, Halcon and OpenCV) have been added.

The new “viewer module”, whose use is also demonstrated in the examples, provides standard 3D viewers that can be used during development and debugging for easily showing COPs, rangemaps or Zmaps at any specific point.

All this and much more

These are some of the new features that have improved SAL3D but there is much more:

  • Faster, thanks to multi-core computers: New modules to take advantage of multi-core processors have been added
  • More compatible: Drivers for more framegrabbers and USB cameras are now provided with SAL3D library
  • More files support: Export tools to PLY 3D file formats
  • Three versions provided: a trial version, with no need of a dongle, for 32-bits windows XP computers and full 32 and 64 bits versions compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Finally, with the aim of providing costumers with the benefits of the newest improvements, a new release policy will be applied ensuring that SAL3D latests versions are available for downloading on AQSENSE's website.

In the seek of new technologies to improve 3D cloud of points acquisition, AQSENSE, one of the 3D machine vision leading companies, has started exploring LED lighting. Hand in hand with Effilux, the French innovative company dedicated to led systems for the machine vision industry, a cool white-light, 50μm line C-mount LED (EFFI-Lase_CM_1_000 model) has been applied to highly demanding scans where resolution was the key point.

The performance of laser systems, offering a great field of view, is good enough for average requirements where resolutions of hundreds of microns are enough. However, when better resolutions are required, a laser limitation appears: the speckle. This phenomenon, consisting of a random granular pattern caused by the laser reflection on rough surfaces, can blind some points acquisition, limiting the minimum resolution achievable.

LED lighting, on the other hand, does not provides the same visual field as lasers but avoids this speckle limitations allowing greater resolutions and thus being the perfect option for small surfaces scanning.

With this new technology AQSENSE opens a new door to its costumers, allowing very high resolution acquisition while keeping the speed and robustness of SAL3D library for alignment, measurement and manipulation of the acquired clouds of points.

Imatge of a board being scanned using AQSENSE technology and Effilux LEDs and images of the board cloud of points reconstructions

About Effilux

Optical Innovation for LED Illumination

Effilux is a worldwide supplier of LED lighting devices for the machine vision market.

Effilux offer includes a wide range of standard patented products for line scan inspection, 3D triangulation, 3D stereovision, accurate optical sorting and others.

Additionally, Effilux uses its expertise in optical design to create innovative custom solutions meeting OEM and End Users specific requirements.

What Teeth, Cars, Ice Cream and Sausages Have in Common …


Regardless of whether uniform portions of sausage, cheese or ice cream are required in the food industry, economical and absolutely precise testing of components in the automotive industry or micro-precision fitting accuracy for dental prostheses - the SAL3D library from the Spanish software company, Aqsense, guarantees quick and precise capture of three-dimensional objects using 3D point clouds...

Imagine a delicatessen producer wanting to fill precut halves of coconut shells automatically with ice cream on a mass production line. Of course each of these naturally grown ice cream shells are unique in size and form, each with a slightly different shape and holding capacity. Nevertheless the filling height and quantity of ice cream must correspond to a defined model, describing a standard half-shell and defining the possible tolerance range for filling. Since production is to be accomplished on a conveyor belt, this measuring pro-cess must be completed quickly and it should also be associated with minimum effort and cost. This is exactly where SAL3D from the Spanish provider, Aqsense, excels...

Full article at Inspect online

AQSENSE will be presenting, together with Imaginglab, a LabVIEW version of its SAL3D vision library at NI Week 2011 (Austin, 2-4 August) .

NI Week, Austin 2-4 August
ImagingLab logo. Links to imaginglab website (opens in a new window)

After months of collaboration between ImagingLab and AQSENSE, SAL3D library for LabVIEW will be released this summer containing, among other functionality, the Angular Calibration Tool. This module porting is specially useful as it will combine the simplicity of LabVIEW with advanced laser-triangulation functionality. On one side, the Angular Calibration Tool will allow mounting angular camera-laser systems on robot arms, avoiding the rippling problems present when performing linear scans. On the other side, the LabVIEW porting will provide advanced 3D machine vision functionality to all programmers using the National Instrument's Tool.

NIWeek is a leading industry's event on graphical system design, joining more than 3.000 scientist, engineers and educators from all over the globe. This year's conference, already the 17th issue, will be held from 2 August at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, for three days of workshops, exhibitions, technical sessions and the latest advances on design, control, automation, manufacturing, and test.

ImagingLab will be showing the SAL3D porting and a demo of its functionality at the NI Week , booth number 1006.

ImagingLab video showing a robot arm performing 3D inspections and the results being manipulated in AQSENSE's 3D machine vision library: SAL3D.


XIMEA, the leading German cameras supplier, has recently announced its compatibility with SAL3D library.

XIMEA website has added a new section about AQSENSE explaining how SAL3D provides tools for

"3D machine vision applications targeting complex surfaces where accuracy and repeatability are critical, environments where non-contact is mandatory (sand cores, cushioned objects, food processing ...) and high processing speed is required."

They are also teaching how AQSENSE technologies can be used in their cameras and providing a sample which

"demonstrates the use of the SAL3D Peak Detector Tool to acquire surface profiles that are processed into range maps and displayed in real-time."

This demo application allows users to:

  • preview live image from the camera
  • control camera resolution, binning, exposure and gain
  • set Peak Detector Tool threshold
  • set number of captured profiles to be used during range map creation