SAL3D´s new module, the Area Tool, automatically determines the volume of scanned objects at high speeds, thus enabling complete in-line measurements.

AQSENSE´s flexible 3D vision software library offers two functional configurations: The measurement of an area with respect to a reference line and the measurement of closed profile areas. The first configuration makes use of a single camera-laser system and is employed, e.g., in fish slicing applications. The closed profile configuration uses a multi-camera-laser system and analyses the complete outline of whatever figure, allowing the measurement of any object while, for example, changing from one conveyor belt to another.

Image showing the scanning of a bread and its 3D reconstruction on a screen

The Area Tool has a wide range of applications in the food industry and has successfully been used by AQSENSE in several projects like sausages slicing or material density checking for the detection of inner bubbles.

Press release at inspect online

Press release at IMVE

Press release at Quality digest

Press release at Vision Systems Design online

Press release at Vision Systems Design (pages 31-32) - pdf file

Both AQSENSE's distributors in the Benelux, Iris vision and Phaer, will be presenting AQSENSE technology at Vision & Robotics automation solutions, the event being held in Veldhoven the 25 and 26 of May.

Vision and robotics event logo

Iris vision will be located in the stand number 43. In the booth, they will be showing AQSENSE 360º demo. This machine, developed thanks to the collaboration with ImagingLab, generates a 360º model of food pieces moving along a conveyor belt. Volume is then calculated allowing precise slicing.

Phaer, on the other hand, will be showing SAL3D quality control capabilities in a live demo where objects will be acquired and then compared with a reference model, pointing out the differences. This demonstration will be held on Phaer booth, located at stand number 22

More information about the event at the official homepage:

Image of SAL3D new advert, showing a human castle and the words Add a new level to Machine vision

SAL3D new advert

Thanks to AQSENSE collaboration with Silicon Software, the Peak Detector Tool has been integrated into SiSo's framegrabbers thus, enabling laser detection for any camera using Camera Link. New VDS Vosskühler cameras take special advantage of this technology thanks to their four parallel MDR connections which enables a double-bandwidth Camera Link full configuration.

This joined effort and the technology behind the product is largely explained on an article, entitled "Optical 3D Measurement by Laser Triangulation Method" that has been published on Inspect, one of the most important vision magazines in Europe. A SAL3D advert has also been published on the same April 2011 issue.

"The measurement technology of today has achieved accuracy and processing performance which allows an integration of acquisition and analysis in online production processes. For this purpose non-contact methods are almost solely used with need of high requirement on robustness and speed..."

"Optical 3D Measurement by Laser Triangulation Method" full text (Inspect-online website)

"Berührungslose Inspektionsverfahren" full text (German version at Inspect-online website)


AQSENSE will be presenting at NIDays 2011, together with Imaginglab, a LabVIEW version of its SAL3D vision library.

This new compatibility, which will be released by Imaginglab this 2011, will enable the use of SAL3D capabilities in the friendly development environment that LabVIEW provides. 

The National Instruments Days are the premier events on graphical system design, trends, test, and control. Being held all over the world, they attract thousands of the world's brightest engineers, educators, industry experts and scientists.


Presentation Aqsense in NI DaysDownload Presentation

Continuing its expansion, AQSENSE was present for the first time at an Asian event: Automation World 2011.

AQSENSE products exposed at Automation World event

AQSENSE software being exposed at AW 2011

Automation World is a Korean leading trade show based on factory & process automation. It started in 1990 and over these years has become a reference for the Asian market. This year's edition was held in Seoul from 8 to 10 March, being a meeting point of the most important actors on the subject.

AQSENSE had an outstanding presence at the event thanks to DASAN and CYLOD, the official South Korean distributors, who showed SAL3D capabilities in their respective booths.

AQSENSE has enlarged its distributor network with two South Korean partners which will help introducing its technology in the growing Korean market.

Cylod and Dasan are the chosen companies and will hold the products distribution with equal rights and precedence. 

AQSENSE products can be bought in 23 countries (including Europe, South America and Asia) through its worldwide distributor network.