Josep Forest presenting AQSENSE software at Stemmer's 3D technology day

AQSENSE has been invited to the Stemmer Immaging's 3D Technology day "3D-Technologie zur Prüfung. Von Form, Vollständigkeit ,Oberfläche" being held in Fürstenfeldbruck on February 24th.

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The 3D technology day is a seminar organized by Stemmer Immaging where speakers from top 3D German companies will give a comprehensive overview of the current state of 3D technology, its markets and potential applications.

Josep Forest, AQSENSE's Technology Director, will be there presenting the shape analysis library SAL3D as well as introducing the new developed tools as the Angular Calibration Tool that has been recently released.

Meeting review and presentations (German website)

Presentation: Dedicated Software Algorithms for 3D Clouds of Points

Not only ultra-fast, accurate and robust surface inspections can be obtained using AQSENSE's SAL3D library but now, with the new Angular Metric Tool, angular set-ups can be used allowing lighter and economical systems. 

A graphic showing a typical camera-laser set-up for angular calibration

A 3D light stripe acquisition system is a common option where shape processing and surface inspection is needed. Product quality surveillance, volume measuring or reverse engineering are typical applications of this technology. SAL3D, with the Metric Tool, already offered an easy to use, ultra-fast and reliable library which was the perfect choice for linear laser scanning systems using one or more cameras and thus, for lineal moving systems like a conveyor belt.

With the new Angular Metric Tool, AQSENSE's library takes an step further and offers the possibility of calibrating angular scanning systems. These set-ups, where the camera and laser are rotating about an axis, are much compact than linear ones and so, suitable for being used on accurate robot scanning or 3D scanning of wide areas where parts are not moving.

The employment of this new tool is as easy as all AQSENSE's products are. With just a simple scan of a particular pattern a set of calibration parameters are obtained. This outcome is then used by SAL3D in order to obtain 3D metric clouds of points, free of perspective distortion, for accurate measurements, objects comparison or integration with 2D libraries.

AQSENSE in collaboration with the University of Girona has participated in the Project "Laser scanning of surfaces with special difficulties : specular, transparent , translucid materials"


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Great Success in Automatica. We want to thank all the visitors who approached our booth

Wednesday, 23rd June 2010

AQSENSE was exhibiting at Automatica 2010 together with one of its robotic and vision partners, ImagingLab of Italy, at the booth 408A located in Hall 2B. On display there was a demonstrator integrating a 360° 3D scanner, able to provide 3D reconstructions of objects with arbitrary shapes, and 4 multi-brand robots (Denso, Mitsubishi, Kuka and Epson). See the video here

Many visitors approached the booth; they had a conversation on their 3D applications, and have got a personal demonstration of the capabilities of the SAL3D library. Unisono, all visitors expressed their admiration on the performance of our 3D tools, especially in respect of the possible size of the clouds of points and the unmatched processing speed, allowing now 100% inline optical inspection in real 3D, at typical production cycle times.

One of the main focus of the exhibition was, according to the organization management, the integration of 3D Machine Vision with Robotics. Several press specialists already stated and confirmed that 3D Machine Vision matured and applications based on clouds of points are now ready for real industrial use.

Image courtesy of ImagingLab


Quality Assurance of Chassis Parts

Friday, 24th Sept 2010

 "The SAL3D library from the Spanish software company, Aqsense, guarantees quick and precise capture of three-dimensional objects using 3D point clouds and therefore enables the comparison of body and chassis parts with a reference model directly after they leave the stamping tool to ensure optimal quality management."  read more

Easy-to-use, accurate and robust tools for true 3D point cloud acquisition and processing

Friday, 20th June 2010

 "SAL3D provides easy-to-use, accurate and robust tools for true 3D point cloud acquisition and processing. For easy 2D integration, SAL3D provides ZMap, a flat representation of point clouds, which is a grey level image of floating point values created out of a SAL3D Cloud of more