Latest version of AQSENSE's SAL3D integrates seamlessly with 2D machine-vision libraries

Friday, 28th May 2009

 " The latest version of SAL3D shape analysis software from Spanish company Aqsense Sl is designed to integrate seamlessly with two-dimensional (2D) machine-vision more

Version 10.2 of the Common Vision Blox (CVB) programming library available from Stemmer Imaging

Saturday, 1st May 2010


"CVB 10.2 now incorporates two new tools for 3D applications. CVB Metric 3D is a powerful calibration algorithm for 3D point clouds and uses a specific calibration target for the individual calibration of 3D point clouds before creating real measurements in 3D"  read more

VIsit us @ Hall 2; Booth 408A

Friday, 26th April 2010

"Aqsense, a provider of 3D software libraries and solutions, will present its SAL3D point cloud processing tool box. Robot applications based on SAL3D will be shown by Aqsense' partner ImagingLab, a specialist in robot vision and quality inspection turn-key systems." read more
Click here for AQSENSE and Imaging Lab online media kit for Automatica 2010 Media Kit

Ramon Palli, AQSENSE's general manager interviewed in IMVE

Thursday, 4rth March 2010

"We focus on industrial applications, where we feel strongly that the availability of 3D machine vision software libraries for system integrators and OEMs will translate into a growth enabler by allowing them to address new applications as yet unresolved by 2D machine vision more
AQSENSE has launched a new version of the SAL3D Shape Analysis Library. The distribution packages can be obtained from the download area.

SAL3D 10.1 includes:

    • SAL3D Core
    • Peak Detector Tool
    • Metric Calibration Tool (Linear Metric Calibration and the new Static Metric Calibration)
    • Merger Tool
    • Match3D Tool (with Coarse Registration Tool)
    • CAD Import Tool

In addition to the following features:

Export tools to PLY 3D formats, Improved Match 3D alignment, Measure of quality on the Match 3D alignment and fine Disparity Map, easy and efficient multicore programming with Thread Pool and PileLine.

SAL3D 10.1 contains two new main objects in addition to the RangeMap objects already present in previous versions:

COPs: consist on a set of organized 3D points, and directly contain the metric information of the cloud of points. This object eases the use of other 3Ddata not acquired by means of laser triangulation

ZMaps: consisting on a planar projection of a COP onto the Z plane. Although it is similar to a RangeMap, the ZMap solves problems related to projective distortion among others.


3-D Vision, Structured light images food products

Wednesday, 3rd Feb 2010

"To accomplish economical product portioning, manufacturers of food slicing and packaging equipment are incorporating volumetric scanning systems into their products. By doing so, preprogrammed parameters, such as weight and thickness, can be used to determine various slicing configurations from the generated 3-D model of the meat and then provide the highest-yield more