AQSENSE participates in the project NOVALINEA (iNvestigaciOn de nueVos ALgoritmos para la ImplemeNtación dE cAlidad) promoted by the Cientific and Tecnologic Park of the University of Girona. The goal of the project is to investigate a new quality system adapted to the high accuracy manufacturing and micro manufacturing, to develop a new quality inspection metology based on laser triangulation technology.


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ZMaps bridge the gap between 2D users and 3D capabilities in the EMVA Newsletter

Friday, 9th Oct 2009

 "The latest release of Aqsense Sl's library SAL3D 9.3 features Zmaps, which are described as flat data sets that extend the compatibility of two-dimensional (2D) machine-vision operations, making them applicable to inspecting three-dimensional (3D) bodies."

3D-Bilder reduzieren Gewichts-Fehler beim Aufschneiden von Wurst

Monday, 5th Oct 2009
web_aq_inspect_online_logo.jpg "Zum Leidwesen der Lebensmittel-Industrie sind Würste nicht zylinderförmig. Sie sind weder richtig rund, noch komplett gerade. Deshalb wird die Wurst zunächst am Stück vermessen, so dass ein Programm die opti-malen Scheiben berechnen kann...rfläche und weichen meist von  einer  geraden  Form  ab. Diese  Formen-Vielfalt  läss"
"Keine Wurst gleicht der anderen, sie sind unterschiedlich  lang,  haben  eine  unregelmäßige Obet  sich  mit  Zylindern nicht mehr ausreichend genau annähern, der  Gewichts-Fehler  wird  zu  groß,  der Hersteller  verliert  Ressourcen.  Abhilfe schafft hier die industrielle Bildverarbeitung"  read more


AQSENSE welcomes you to visit their stand in Vision 2009 in Stuttgart-messe, Germany from the 3rd to the 5Th of September. The stand numer is B79 in Hall 4 See map. AQSENSE will present the latest release of its Shape Analysis Library SAL3D 9.3 introducing to the community its new features like the representation of CoPs in the Z plane or ZMaps.
For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AQSENSE press release 1 Vision 2009 English
  STANDARD 3D PROCESSING LIBRARY PROVIDES HIGHER YIELDS. The Spanish software manufacturer and 3D solution provider presents the new version of the 3D Shape Analysis Library at Vision 2009.
AQSENSE press release 1 Vision 2009 Deutsch

The standard 3D processing library catches the attention of Inspect Online.

Thursday, 1 Oct 2009
"Aqsense presents the new version of the 3D Shape Analysis Library. SAL3D constitutes the first standard commercially available modular software library for 3D machine vision applications, being completely hardware independent. The handled data type consists in point cloud coordinates, which are real floating point scalars characterizing the three axis X, Y and Zread more

Aqsense and high-speed 3D image processing in the Engineering & Technology issue nº8 from the Institution of Engineering and Technology

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

"The emergence of high-speed 3D image processing technologies is a major milestone for the vision industry as it represents the most significant step change in processing capabilities since the development of the 2D pattern recognition algorithms "

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