3DExpress demo being shown at 1Vision stand

From the hand of 1Vision Opens in new window, AQSENSE's Israeli distributor, 3DExpress have been introduced at the New-Tech 2013 show, the leading Israel Exhibition which have been held at the The Israel Trade Fairs Centre in Tel–Aviv, the 7th and 8th May 2013.

During the 2 exhibiting days, the 1Vision's booth have been showing a demonstration of the 2 lasers one camera functionality Opens in new window, where 3D-express was acquiring, with a single camera, information from 2 laser lines and merging it into a single result.

More information of the exhibition at New-tech 2013 official webpage (in Hebrew) Opens in new window

Vision System Designs, the leading vision magazine, publishes in this April issue an article about SAL3D being used to scan small fish bones for a scientific study.

To visualize these data, the PC 3-D scanner uses 3D Suite from Photon Focus to allow the line profile of each otolith to be viewed as it is digitized (top right). The SAL3D 3-D shape analysis library from AQSENSE is then used for range-map and point-cloud processing.

To identify different types of fish and the relationships between various species, Antoni Lombarte at the Mediterranean Center for Marine and Environmental Research (CMIMA; is using a 3-D image scanner to digitize otoliths-calcified structures found in the inner ear of fish. Each fish species is characterized by a specific morphology of otoliths, which can be used in automatic identification tasks. Using 3-D images helps to increase the efficiency of these systems.

Because the structures are not digested when fish are eaten by other prey, they provide an indication of the diets of specific species. Moreover, since otolith growth is related to the fish's growth and the environmental changes in the fish's habitat, studying the proportions of the various components that make up the otolith can determine fish growth, mortality, and population dynamics.


Full article at Vision Systems Design online

NI Days 2013. Barcelona 14 Marzo 2013. San Sebastian 21 Marzo 2013.

The 3D Machine Vision Library (3D-MVL) for NI LabVIEW has been one of the products presented in the frame of "Academia e Investigación" (Academy and investigation) during the National Instruments Days 2013.

The National Instruments Days 2013, the major NI meeting in Spain, have been held this 14th March in Barcelona and 21th March in San Sebastian. The main actors of the National Instruments world have met in this event where the main novelties and innovations are presented.

The 3D-MVL library, developed by AQSENSE and ImagingLab, have been one of the attractions being presented in both cities.

More information on the event at NI Days 2013 official webpage and AQSENSE presentation available for download

1Vision, AQSENSE's distributor in Israel, will be showing 3DExpress at the Israel Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition 2013 being held this 4th February in Tel Aviv

Israel Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition 2013

The Israel Machine Vision Conference & Exhibition 2013 (IMVC13) is one of the biggest industrial events in Israel. This year's issue will be held in David Intercontinental Tel Aviv during the 4th February and will host some of the most important companies of the sector such as National Instruments, Cognex, AMD or Imaging Diagnostics.

1Vision, the leading machine vision distributor, will be there showing AQSENSE's 3DExpress in the 2 lasers - 1 camera configuration which was presented in VISION 2012. Thanks to this 3DExpress functionality and the capability of some 3D cameras to work with 2 or more different regions of interest, 2 laser peaks can be detected separately and thus occlusions avoided.

More information about the show at IMVC 2013 official webpage


Andrew Wilson, editor of Vision Systems Design, collects in a single article the most relevant novelties of VISION 2012 show and the first chosen products are 3D Machine Vision Library and 3DExpress, from AQSENSE.

"On the booth at ImagingLab, the company demonstrated a system developed for SINTEF that is designed to automate the process of fish fileting (see Fig. 1). It is first necessary to recreate a 3-D image of the fish as it is transported along a conveyor, so a structured laser light from Z-Laser is used to illuminate the profile of the fish. This structured laser light is then captured along with visible light using a 3-D Ranger camera from SICK.

Screen with the picture of the original fish and its 3D reconstruction

To automate the process of fish fileting, structured laser light is used to illuminate the profile of the fish. Inset: Images captured by the camera are then used to render a color image and a 3-D model of the fish. Source: Vision Systems Design

In the demonstration at the show, both the structured light and camera were mounted on a robot from DENSO Robotics. In this configuration, the light source and camera were moved across a stationary model of a fish.

By incorporating ImagingLab's robotics library for DENSO robots with the 3D-Machine Vision Library (MVL) from AQSENSE, captured images from the robot can be rendered as both a 3-D profile and a color image. This enables the size and quality of the fish to be determined as well as how to position a cutting mechanism to filet the fish. At present the system uses structured and color image data; future implementations may incorporate ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) imagers to provide additional information about the quality of the fish.

To ease the task of configuring 3-D systems, AQSENSE demonstrated its 3DExpress preprocessing software at VISION 2012. Designed to be used with a number of structured-light systems and 3-D cameras, the software allows data from these sources to automatically generate a 3-D representation, manipulate the point cloud, and finally export the result so it can be further processed by standard third-party imaging tools such as Sherlock from Teledyne DALSA or with programming languages such as C++ or .NET. A video tutorial about 3DExpress can be found at"

"3D Machine Vision Guides Robots into Action" complete article Opens in new window


INFAIMON, the Spanish Computer Vision distributor, have been in the Matelec International Trade Fair for the Electrical and Electronics Industry which has been held from 23 to 26 October in Madrid.

Video of the 360º demo

MATELEC is one of the biggest spanish industrial trade fairs which, this year, have widened its scope to embrace the industrial trends in energetic efficiency and sustainability.

The 360º demo presented is based in the National Instruments software LabVIEW and was developed thanks to the collaboration with ImagingLab. This machine generates a 360º model of food pieces moving along a conveyor belt and then volume is calculated allowing precise slicing.

More information about the trade fair at MATELEC's official webpage

Infaimon booth at MATELEC trade fair

360º demo at MATELEC scanning a electrical cable