Following the new release policy, which ensures that the latest SAL3D versions is available for downloading from the website, AQSENSE has launched a new SAL3D version (12.1.22) which comes with some significant improvements like:

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  • New Faster Peak Detector: This new SAL3D version contains a new Horizontal Peak Detector (the same orientation as in Sick Ranger, AutomationTechnology and Photonfocus 3D03 cameras) which is still much faster than the previous versions.

    The main advantage of horizontal scanning is that sensors have a better performance with fewer rows and more columns than the contrary. For example, it is faster 1024 (cols) x 300 (rows) than 300 (cols) x 1024 (rows). You can check the speeds comparison table for an overview of the differences between the older and the new peak detector.

    With this new performances the peak becomes faster than the gigabit transmission speed thus moving the bottleneck to the connection.

  • New calibration pattern shape: Easier to manufacture, specially for 180º/360º configurations. You can get more information from the Static Pattern documentation.

  • Tested compatibility with Embarcadero (prior Borland) C++ Builder

You can check the changes between versions page for a full report on the novelties included within this version.