Within the framework of the NI Week 2012, the new 3D Machine Vision Library (3DMVL) developed by AQSENSE and ImagingLab was presented with a great reception and a National Instruments "Most Innovative Product of 2012" award.

Most Innovative Product award being given to AQSENSE and ImagingLab

The NI Week, held in Austin from 6th to 9th August, is the central National Instruments conference where the latest products and innovations are presented. This year's event joined more than 3,000 leading engineers and scientists from around the globe who, for three days, had the opportunity to attend leading conferences, discover the latest industry trends and join interesting workshops.

AQSENSE and ImagingLab chose this magnificent framework to be at the Vision Pavilion showing a 360ยบ inspecting machine for food slicing and to present the new 3D Machine Vision Library to the LabVIEW developers community. The 3DMVL is a LabVIEW porting of the fast and reliable SAL3D library which have already been successfully used to solve 3D projects in a wide spectrum of industries: from automotive to food.

Thanks to this technology, LabVIEW community will now have a easy tool to obtain and manipulate cloud of points, with specific tools for laser triangulation, but also compatible with other 3D technologies (stereo-vision, time-of-flight).

Amongst all the great presented projects, the "Most Innovative Product" award given to 3D Machine Vision Library proves the importance and usefulness of the library which will, for the first time, open an easy door for the LabVIEW community to enter 3D machine vision.