The markets of Industrial Quality Assurance and Manufacturing Automation are more and more demanding technologies and systems for true 3D measurement. The accurate calibration of such systems is key for their performance. Several calibrated 3D devices are available on the market, however, they are coming with various limitations. Either the required size and shape of the Field of View (FOV) is not available, or several devices need to be combined into a single coordinate system requiring laborious calibration.

Since 2005, AQSense is the leading provider of 3D imaging algorithms. The brand new version of its software library SAL3D presents new tools for metric calibration, like the static zigzag calibration, specially designed for FOVs where the width is quite large compared to the height. The Multiple Zigzag Calibration is able to cover large areas by placing the 3D reference pattern in different positions. Alternatively, users can print out the provided chessboard calibration pattern themselves.

In addition, the Geometric module contains tools to help on combining two (or more) factory calibrated 3D devices. The principle of this tool is to identify 3 (or more) common points between different devices. For that, also Sphere Fitting is a widely used concept in metrology, as the center of a sphere is a good reference for calibration. Another important new tool is the Mesh Import, that allows to create Clouds of Points (COPs) from meshes to use them as reference model in the Match3D tool.

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Furthermore, during system installation it is important to have enough feedback for a more accurate adjustment of camera, lens and laser parameters. The new version of 3DExpress, AQSense’s software application with intuitive GUI and API for fast system development, features the new „Keep Frames“.

It allows for checking all 2D images acquired by the camera after one 3D scan. Based on the analysis of these images, the user is able to adjust the acquisition set-up and also discover sources of noise and reflections. Other improvements are related to the calibration, not only by offering more calibration methods, but also with a graphical view of the metric calibration errors.

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Find out what SAL3D and 3DExpress can do for your manufacturing automation, in order to get high precision feedback control and quality assurance to your plant. Correction in early production stages allow for higher productivity, fewer outages, saved time, and thus benefit plant efficiency as well as product quality.