Robomotive robot

Take a system integrator like Beltech and a distributor like Phaer toghether with Photonfocus cameras, Z-Laser lasers, BitFlow framegrabbers and AQSENSE's 3D technologies. The result: a bin picking robot, from the company Robomotive, able to handle a large diversity of products in small numbers.

A robot with one pair of eyes, two arms and two hands, that effortlessly assembles a wheel at the same speed and with the same accuracy as a human would. This is the product that Robomotive is currently scoring very well with, whilst making its imprint on the future. A success story that system integrator Beltech and vision component supplier Phaer were only happy to co-write.

The robot of the future that can see

Michael Vermeer has already been bringing traditional, industrial robots to the market for many years. The General Manager of Robomotive says: "Until now, robots always carried out the same repetitive work, which is why we feel it is time to move one step forward and let robots handle a large diversity of products in small numbers. For this task, robots need eyes so that they can see what they are doing. This sight is made possible with 3D vision, an application that is becoming increasingly important in our sector, contributing to a more positive image of robots. No longer are they dirty, dumb and dangerous. They are now flexible, adaptive and intelligent. We involved system integrator Beltech for the vision hardware and software."

Front view of the Robomotive robot

Product-specific grippers, jigs and feeders are expensive. To provide a good return on investment, the robot needed to use adaptive grippers and therefore be able to adapt to changes in the handled parts. With Robomotive solution, programs could be easily loaded depending on the product and task to be performed.


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