3D Shape Analysis Library Documentation


SAL3D is a development suite comprising a set of easy to use tools for the development of powerful applications aimed at the processing and analysis of organized 3D data or Clouds of Points.

These tools are characterized by the speed, accuracy, and reliability that comes only from extensive experience in the field of 3D. SAL3D is offered to OEM's, system integrators, and volume end users demanding maximum flexibility and customization capabilities for their 3D machine vision system.

The SAL3D tools are distributed as DLLs that are easily integrated into any existing application, resulting in the rapid development of processing tasks that need the latest 3D vision algorithms.

SAL3D libraries can be used under Windows Vista, or any newer version, on both 32-bits and 64-bits. For other platforms, please contact

There are two different installers, one for 32-bits operating systems and another for 64-bits systems. Make sure you use the corresponding installer.

Some of SAL3D's features are:

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