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oDistribution Files
oExamples Distributed
oChessboard Metric Calibration
oDescription of the angular calibration pattern
oHow to evaluate the library
oDistributed examples
oMemory management: reference counting
oDynamic library loading: sal3dlink
oSAL3D Licensing
oAcquisition Overview
|\Structured Light - COP population
oLens Distortion
oFrame Grabber & Camera Drivers
oMetric Calibration Tool
oStatic calibration pattern
oZigzag calibration pattern
oList of errors involved in the 3D calibration
oLinear calibration pattern
oMultiple camera synchronisation (wait group)
oAccuracy and resolution in Laser-Triangulation technology
oPoint Cloud Manager (PCM)
oViewer Tool
oPeak Detector Tool
oSpecial Metric Layouts
oAngular Metric Calibration Tool
oMerger Tool
oMatch3D Coarse Extension
oCAD Import Tool
oMesh Import Tool
oArea Tool
oGeometric tool
oIntegrator tool
o3DExpress API
oOCX COP 3D viewer
oRelease notes
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