3DExpress Licensing

3DExpress uses a software protection scheme from Wibu Systems. Along with the installation, we distribute a software demo license valid for 90 days, during which the application can be used with no restrictions.

After this testing period, it is possible to buy a full license. We offer them in two flavours: software licenses and dongle licenses. Contact your distributor or Aqsense for more details. Also, if you think you need an extended testing period, we can provide that on demand.

Following is a description of the most relevant 3DExpress licensing operations.

Checking the license status

The CodeMeter WebAdmin allows the users to check the status of the 3DExpress license.

It can be opened through the CodeMeter icon in the notification area (right click and choose the option in the menu), or directly by opening your favourite web browser and going to http://localhost:22350.

After clicking on Content > Licenses, users can see all installed licenses. By clicking on the corresponding Product Code, users can check the start period and the license duration.

Product Codes

This list displays the product code for the base 3DExpress and the additional Add-ons:

Updating the license

The 3DExpress trial license is valid for 90 days after the first use. As explained, users need a new license to run 3DExpress after that. This new license can be:

In both cases, please, contact Aqsense or your distributor.

The trial period allows the user to run the full application with no limitations.

The following list details the required steps to update your license (either to get a permanent license of the base package or to get a 3DExpress Add-on.