CVB GenICam Driver

In order to use the CVB GenICam driver in 3DExpress, the user should use the Common Vision Blox Management Console to configure the different cameras.

GenICam Device Configurator

The table Configured Devices lists all the available cameras. The camPort number should be use later on 3DExpress to select the desired camera.

Cameras are only available if the camera icon is green.

For specific documentation of this configuration, user is referred to the GenICam User Guide documentation. This documentation is located in the Start menu under STEMMER IMAGING - Common Vision Blox.

After this configuration, user can close this application and start 3DExpress. After choosing the Common Vision Blox Genicam driver, user should introduce the driver path, and select the corresponding camera, by introducing the corresponding camPort value on the camera textbox. In case the user do not enable the corresponding checkbox, the camPort 0 is used as default.

GenICam Configuration Panel