Microsoft .NET assembly

It is possible to access 3DExpress from a .NET application by using the assembly that we distribute alongside this packet.

How to use it

If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio, the 3DExpress assembly should already appear listed in the .NET component list when you try to add a reference. Alternatively, you can reach the assembly file in the installation folder, under the name 3dexpressnet.dll.

The assembly depends on the C library 3dexpressc.dll to run. If you installed 3DExpress with the default options set, it should be in the Path and work out of the box, but if you unset the option to add the 3DExpress folder to the path, you will need both DLLs in the binary dir to successfully run the target application. Failing to do so will result in a runtime exception.


For clarity, the documentation for the .NET API is in a separate manual. You can find it in the following link.