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3DExpress is a 3D pre-processing software for machine vision applications including graphical assistance for the configuration and debugging of 3D acquisition systems.

Positioned in between the acquisition device and the processing tool, 3DExpress provides a graphical code-free system to acquire the data coming from any source (2D camera, 3D camera...), obtain its 3D representation, manipulate the cloud-of-points and, finally, export the result so that it can be further processed by any of the available clients: graphical interfaces or library based 2D tools.

All the functionalities presented by 3DExpress are characterized by the speed, accuracy, and reliability that comes only from extensive experience in the field of 3D. 3DExpress is offered to OEM's, system integrators, and volume end users demanding minimum development time together with robust and fast 3D processing for their 3D machine vision system.

3DExpress can be used under Windows XP or any newer version, on both 32-bits and 64-bits. For other platforms, please contact

There are two different installers, one for 32-bits operating systems and another for 64-bits systems. Make sure you use the corresponding installer.

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3DExpress Description

3DExpress Clients

3DExpress provides several interfaces to pass the data on to other programs for further processing. For now, there is a C++ and a .NET interface, as well as a Sherlock (from Teledyne Dalsa) driver. All those interfaces only export data as images. There is an additional C++ API that targets SAL3D, which makes use of its data types, distributed along with the SAL3D library.



Please contact AQSENSE if you need further assistance using this release of 3DExpress.

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