AQSENSE provides technology for 3D point cloud acquisition systems, in addition to high speed processing technology, easing the comparison of scanned data with their respective models.

We provide tools and technology solutions for in-line and off-line measuring and inspection procedures. 3D machine vision applications targeting complex surfaces where accuracy and repeatability are critical, environments where non-contact is mandatory (sand cores, cushioned objects, food processing ...) and high processing speed is required.


PC-based software library whose independent tools are specially suited for laser triangulation and Cloud of Points processing.

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Ready to use software to acquire and manipulate cloud of points using an easy step by step wizard-like configuration tool.

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3D Machine Vision Library for LabVIEW

The 3D Machine Vision Library (3DMVL) is a porting of SAL3D for National Instruments LabVIEW developed in a joined effort between AQSENSE and ImagingLab.

As SAL3D and 3DExpress, it provides tools to obtain complete, true, 3D calibrated data for ultra-fast shape analysis and measurements for in-line inspection on your manufacturing line.

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FPGA Peak Detector

IP block providing functionality to detect points of maximum intensity in a laser stripe with sub-pixel accuracy. It can be incorporated into FPGA chips, enabling fast acquisition on customizable, programmable machine vision hardware.

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