3DEXPRESS: 3D Machine Vision made easy

Reasons to use 3DExpress


3DExpress is a 3D pre-processing software for machine vision applications including graphical assistance for the configuration and debugging of 3D acquisition systems.

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3DExpress screenshot: Capture of the 3DExpress wizard to select the camera

No programming skills needed

Positioned in between the acquisition device and the processing tool, 3DExpress provides a graphical code-free system to acquire the data coming from any source (2D camera, 3D camera...), obtain its 3D representation, manipulate the cloud-of-points and, finally, export the result so that it can be further processed by standard 2D tools, both graphical interfaces or library based.

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Forget all about the typical acquisition problems

Thanks to its simple step-by-step wizard like menus, 3DExpress bypasses all the typical 3D difficulties and provides a fast and easy tool to perform some of the most typical 3D machine vision operations like:

  • Generate a Cloud-of-Points (COP)
  • Fit a plane from a desired ROI
  • Rotate a Cloud-of-Points to meet a desired view
  • Generate a 2D representation containing 3D data (Zmap)

Underlying SAL3D performance

All the knowledge and know-how of SAL3D have been added to the development of this tool, becoming a part of its core.

The reliability and proven performance of SAL3D tools can be now used in a friendly and easy environment.

Many supported inputs & outputs


3DExpress comes with standard support for a wide range of input cameras and frame-grabbers with both working modes, 2D and 3D:

  • Automation Technology cameras
  • Photonfocus cameras
  • Ximea
  • IDS
  • PointGrey
  • Dalsa
  • Silicon Software
  • ...

Once the 3D acquisition and manipulation have been performed, 3DExpress allows multiple outputs to be easily used by standard 2D processing tools such as Sherlock or to programming languages such as C++ or .NET (coming soon) so that the final measurements can be easily performed.


3DExpress screenshot: Capture of the 3DExpress interface showing a RangeMap, the reconstructed Cloud-of-Points and the Zmap to be exported

Live control of all the steps

With the included viewers, every input and intermediate step can be monitored 100% live, while the system is running.

Update the configuration of 3DExpress and change the output without stopping the processing and see the results on the following processing steps without no need to reconfigure them.


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