AQSENSE's Angular Metric Calibration Tool permits the reconstruction of the COP with metric units removing the perspective distortion introduced by the scene projection onto the image sensor when the system camera-laser is rotating along a fix axis with known angular steps. In addition to the perspective distortion corrected on the Metric tool, the Angular Metric tool considers the position and orientation of the angular axis during the reconstruction.

Angular Metric Tool demonstration video

  • Easy to use
  • Accurate conversion 2.5D → 3D 
  • Removes perspective distortion
  • Correction of the rotation movement
Image showing the scan of the angular calibration pattern

Scanning of the Angular Metric calibration Pattern

  • More compact and cost saving, compared to linear
  • Perfect for integration on a robot arm
  • Allows 3D scanning of wide static areas
SAL3D Robot Acquistion angular_reconstruction.png

Application example how to scan parts using a robot hand

More information at Angular Calibration Tool's documentation page (Opens in new window)