The Area Tool allows the user to compute the area of COP profiles. Two types of area computation can be performed, both working for a single row of the COP.

Area with respects to a reference line

It provides the area of a single profile with respects to a reference line.

Image of the area computation with respect to a reference line

Configuration example of a area respects a reference line

360ยบ scanner for food slicing

Area of a closed profile


  • Volume measure
  • Density checking: With the help of the Area Tool the volume of an object is obtained. Then, knowing its weight, the density can be easily calculated
  • Slicing: When automatically slicing food to be packed, neither extra material is desired nor can fewer product be given to the user. Computing the piece volume allows a precise cut with the exact weight.

This method allows the user to compute the area of a closed profile. This profile can be defined by a list of several profiles, as shown on the image.

Scanning of a closed profile to compute its area

Configuration example of a closed profile

More information at Area Tool's documentation page (Opens in new window)