SAL3D > CAD Import

The SAL3D CAD Import Tool allows the conversion from standard CAD formats to a SAL3D Cloud of Points (COP). The current input formats are IGES and STL.

The CAD Import tool can be used to compare an acquired COP with CAD data. The user must generate a COP file for the CAD data and to use it as a reference model.

SAL3D CAD Import Tool

In addition to displaying the image in 3D, the tool shows the metric size of the viewport, and the rotation of the object. This allows precision and reproducibility in selecting the surface region to convert.

Once the view to be converted to COP is selected, the conversion can be started at the desired resolution. The resolution is determined by the distance between COP points in the COP X-Y axis.

More information at CAD import Tools's documentation page (Opens in new window)

CAD Import Tool Video-tutorial

Amongst SAL3D tools, the CAD Import is a very important piece allowing, when used together with Match3D Tool, the fast comparison of an scanned object with its CAD model.

This video explains in detail all the steps of this process, from the object acquisition to the final automation of the comparison to be used directly over a conveyor belt to scan the 100% of the production.