The Coarse Tool is a Match3D extension allowing the pre-alignment of distant objects thus enabling the use of Match3D where the proximity and position requirements were not fulfilled.

The Match3D Tool is a highly accurate piece of software, enabling an extremely fast alignment and comparison of 3D point clouds with their respective models, based on a "best-fit" approach. However, to perform such a complex task it had some requirements such as a maximum distance and rotation between the Clouds of points (COPs)

Thanks to the Coarse extension these restrictions are not needed anymore. The association of Match3D and Coarse will automatically pre-align both COPs, setting them ready, before the usual accurate alignment of Match 3D.

However, some possible sources of misalignment must be avoided while using the Coarse Extension:

  • Too many non common surfaces.
  • Some object symmetries.
  • Different resolution along the surface.

Clouds of points before pre-alignment


Clouds of points after pre-alignment with Coarse extension

More information at Coarse for Match3D's documentation page (Opens in new window)