The Geometric Tool contains several functions to process COP data obtaining geometric measures.

Plane functions


  • Planarity control: The ZMap after orientation is directly a measure of planarity. In addition, the function distanceToPlane could be use to get more accurate results
  • Control angles between several planes: When the plane equation is known, a simple dot product can be used to compute the angle between two different planes.
  • Align ZMap to Z axis to combine with 2D tools

Four functions related to 3D planes can be applied:

  • Build a plane from Three Points
  • Fit a plane from COP data
  • Compute the distance between a point and a plane
  • Get the movement to align a given plane parallel to Z plane

When applying 2D measures to a ZMAP, perspective distortion can be introduced because of the object position. By aligning the plane to the Z axis this distortion is removed. In the images below an example of a circular hole is shown. Before alignment, the hole appears as an ellipse. On the right image, after alignment it is perfectly circular allowing correct 2D measures.

Image of a COP containing an object with a circular hole


Image of the ZMAP of an object with a circular hole, but the hole is eliptic due to perspective distortion

Generated ZMap (without alignment)

Image of the ZMAP of an object with a perfectly circular hole

Generated ZMap (after cop orientation)

Sphere Functions

Fit a Sphere on a list of points: This function determines the radius and the center of a sphere that best fits the list of points assuming that all points belong to the sphere.

More information at Geometric Tool's documentation page (Opens in new window)