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The SAL3D Match3D Tool is a sophisticated piece of software that allows the extremely fast alignment and comparison of 3D point clouds with their respective models. Based on a "best-fit" approach, the tool can be used for quickly determine the position and orientation of objects, or combined with the SAL3D Core for an optimized surface subtraction and comparison. Find here how to get COPs for Match3D


COP of Golden Model


COP of Part

Match3D Prealignment

Alignment is necesary before comparison

  • Alignment time ~ 100ms / Alignment error < 1 microns
  • 100% Parts Dimensional inspection and analysis
  • Complex Shape 3D surface matching
  • Avoid mechanical complexity for parts positioning
  • No inspection re-engineering due to model change
  • Alignment Quality Factor for assessing the quality of the matching
  • Coarse pre-alignment for distant objects

Match 3D: Ultra fast 3D alignment tool

Disparity Maps display height differences between the model and the scanned COP.

Model and Part Aligned with Match3D
Disparity Map ToleranceH.png

After calibration, differences in Z axis are in metric units.

Allows to perform further processing with 2D libraries.

Equal pixel/metric ratio can be forced for both axis.

read more about Disparity Maps and ZMaps.

Align your data before 2D processing

The Match3D is not only a tool for computing disparities between model and part. This tool could be also used to align part ZMap before applying the 2D processing on it. This further process could be done combining the ZMap with 2D libraries. Consider the case that your 2D library allows you to define some ROIs where to make some computations (i.e estimate the hole radius). You could use a ZMap of an object to define these ROIs over it. However, then you need to get always the ZMap in the same orientation, otherwise, the generated ZMap does not have a relation with the previous defined ROIs. Match3D tool could be used to align all parts to the model, so, then, all ZMaps are represented on the same coordinates.

ZMap Alignment

Generated ZMaps overlapping the same ROI; a) Model; b) Part; C) Aligned Part

Combining the Match3D and the ZMap, user could define some ROIs on the model ZMap, then, align each acquired surface with the model, and then generated the ZMap of the moved surface. After that, both ZMaps are represented on the same coordinates. After that, ZMap could be processed with commercial 2D libraries.

More information at Match 3D's documentation page (Opens in new window)