The SAL3D Merger Tool allows the minimization of occlusions or shadows usually present in laser triangulation applications. The tool performs a quick and smooth merging of RangeMaps coming from different cameras looking at the same scene, with very little CPU effort, significantly increasing the quality of the acquisition. Find here how to gather Range Maps for Merger

Two Camera Merging

Merging requires some parameters in order to combine information from two cameras in a single range map. A calibration procedure is required, involving the pattern body, and one range map from each of the cameras.

The base camera is the master, and the output will give the merged range map as if it was acquired by the base camera. The effect the user will grasp is that the base camera acquires a shadow-minimized range map.

  • Occlusions minimization
  • Very accurate RangeMap merging
  • No extra CPU burden

It is important to not mix the Merger Tool with the Integrator Tool. While the Merger combines RangeMaps coming from two cameras (observing the same field of view) in order to obtain a single RangeMap with less occlusions, the Integrator Tool combines Clouds of Points coming from different views (may be coming from the same camera) in order to create a single mesh.

Occlusion Minimization with Merger Tool

Example of a merged range map obtained by combining information from two cameras

More information at Merger Tool's documentation page (Opens in new window)