SAL3D > PCM (Point Clouds Manager)

The PCM is the core tool of SAL3D. It provides the basic functionality on which the advanced tools are based. Its main purpose is allowing the user to work with 3D data, manipulating COPs and creating ZMaps

The Point Clouds Manager provides four basic functionalities:

  • Create clouds of points (COP) based on a succession of profiles (RangeMap) and calibration data.
  • Populate a COP from 3D sources other than laser triangulation: Time-of-flight cameras, structured light, etc.
  • Create ZMAP based on a cloud of points allowing the use of 2D tools over tridimensional data to get 3D measurements. More information about the use of ZMAPs
  • Provide viewers to help on applications development, decreasing time-to-market
COP representation of a casting object ZMAP representation created from a COP mil_step1_cropped

Creating a Zmap from a COP so that it can be exported to an external 2D library

Tools needing PCM

Most of SAL3D Tools rely some functionality to the Point Clouds Manager and, thus, needs from it to run. These tools are:

More information at Point Cloud Manager's documentation page (Opens in new window)