The AQSENSE SAL3D Peak Detector Tool provides unparalleled laser stripe detection for triangulation applications.

  • Up to 1/64th of a Pixel detection
  • Local maximum intensity detection
  • Reliable with a wide range of surface materials
  • Low noise acquisition directly from the detector
  • View results from the speed test
Surface detection using Peak Detector

Using the Peak Detector

Surface detection using COG based 3D Camera

Using a COG-based 3D camera

Smoothness Test

  • 8x to 10x Better detection accuracy
  • 10x sharper surface details than COG
  • No post-processing required
  • Smaller defects can be detected
Height Resolution using Peak Detector
Height Resolution using COG based 3D Camera

Height Resolution Test

Height variations of 5 microns can be detected with 90ยบ camera-laser angle, and 130 mm FOV.

Compact Design of Peak Detector
Less Compact Design using COG

More Compact Design

For achieving similar resolution and surface detail the peak detector requires a smaller camera-laser angle, resulting in a more compact design.

More information at Peak Detector's documentation page (Opens in new window)