Resulting Paper Static Metric Calibration Pattern being scanned with a laser line and its 3D reconstruction overlapped

This Paper Static Metric Calibration Pattern is a free printable cutout which reproduces the solid Static Metric Calibration Pattern used to calibrate several AQSENSE tools such as the SAL3D Static Metric Calibration or 3DExpress.

Its corresponding calibration points are:

3D metric coordinates
1 -30 30
2 -10 60
3 10 60
4 30 30
Height 60

It allows performing a first rough calibration of the system to obtain accuracies down to 0.5mm but, of course, it must only be used for testing purposes and its results must not be relied for industrial environments.

Downloadable Paper Static Metric Calibration Pattern to be printed, cut and stuck.

Once downloaded from this paper calibration download link you must print it with 1:1 scale in a standard DIN-A4 paper (color not needed).

Its assembly is straightforward. First of all, the outline must be cut. Once you have the unfold pattern, all the edges must be bend to ensure that there is an angle between the adjacent planes. Finally, you will need some glue to stick the flaps (marked with white-and-blue straps) to the pattern faces.

The easiest way to stick the pattern is by gluing the edge of the object (with AQSENSE's logos) to the side marked with SAL3D logo. Then sticking the bottom, the rest of the edge and, finally, closing the pattern by gluing the remaining side, marked with 3DExpress.

In the middle of the edge of the calibration pattern there are some smalls lines which are meant to be used to place the laser line. As the Static Calibration is very sensitive to laser position, placing the laser line over the marked lines will help correctly calibrating the system.

The Paper Static Metric Calibration Pattern can be downloaded from this paper calibration download link.